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McGonagall Audition

Status: PENDING, transfigure_min

Your Name: Katelynn (Kat)

Character Name: Minerva McGonagall


Aim: MysticMusc308

Character LiveJournal: transfigure_min

Any Writing/Role-playing Experience: Lots, though my Role Playing has mostly been done on Greatest Journal. I've played Minerva McGonagall in five other games, Paradise Lost RPG; An AU seventh year game (user name is tabby08), Paradise Regained RPG; A Cannon through book six Post-warts game (user name is lioness_min), Heirs of Black; A cannon through book six, seventh year game, I was one of three co-mods, Hogwarts Year 7; A cannon through book six Seventh Year game (user name was/is minerva_year7), and Choosing Sides; A cannon fifth year game (user name is emerald_tabby). She is not the only character I've played, in several games I still actively play Parvati Patil as well. I also write fan fiction at, and I have some stories posted in my personal writing journal (on GJ; ayer_once_more).

Sex: Female

Subject taught: Transfiguration

Special Qualifications: Animagus, was a student while Tom Riddle was in school, Hogwarts Head girl while in school.

Birth Date: 4 October 1925

Parentage: Pure-blood parents; Mother was Scottish, Father was English.

Pets: A snow white owl named Kala.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Back Story: Minerva grew up in a pure-blood family, always knowing that she'd someday go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her mother and father having both been Ravenclaw Graduates, were somewhat disappointed when their daughter was sorted into Gryffindor. Though as time went on the family quickly grew to realize that Minerva was fit for Gryffindor and no place else (though as the years went by, some of her fellow classmates often wondered if she was to smart to be a Gryffindor). She had the curiosity and bravery to try out for Quidditch come her second year, something neither her mother or father did. (She made the team with the position of Chaser.) During her time at school, Minerva was one of only a handful to successfully carry a continuous O throughout her seven years of Transfiguration, acheiving Animagus status at the age of 17. After school, Minerva worked as an auror until deciding she'd rather teach in 1956. By the end of the year, she'd been hired at Hogwarts to the post of Transfiguration mistress.

Talents: Transfiguration, Defensive spells, dueling in general, Quidditch Chaser back in the day, and teaching.

Hobbies: Reading, teaching, watching Quidditch (especially the Gryffindor team), and keeping up with the latest discoveries in Transfiguration.

Anything you'd like to add? Detention is too good for you!

Audition Passage:
Minerva McGonagall found herself unable to concentrate on the lesson plans she needed to finish tweaking before the start of term. And to think returning to school nearly three weeks early would have made it somewhat easier. Though, Minerva did give herself credit for having been at the school for a week and finishing just about every other little thing that she’d needed to do before the term officially started. Of course the latest issue of the Daily Prophet was not helping her any. The middle-aged (in the Magical world at least) witch shook her head as the thought of Sirius Black betraying them all. Lily and James had trusted him to be Harry’s Godfather. They had all trusted him at some point in time. Shaking her head, Minerva bit her lip as she read over the lesson plans for who would be her third years. But naturally this brought her thoughts back to young Harry Potter. It still amazed her that he had ended up in Gryffindor, though she knew she should not have been as amazed as she was. After all, his parents had been her students, so why did she have to be curious as to why she’d been the one lucky enough to call herself his Head of House? She wouldn’t complain of course, with Harry, her house Quidditch team had gone from nearly pitiful to the school’s best.

The witch looked down at the small golden watch she wore. Five forty-five in the evening. That meant she’d been in her office for nearly six hours and seemingly had nothing completed at all. Perhaps a game of chess would do her some good? Although the only person she’d be able to have a real and challenging game with was probably busy. However, if he wasn’t, she would be able to perhaps find out the Headmaster’s plans for the Defense position that year. But bothering Albus at this point before term started usually wasn’t the best of ideas. Minerva had learned that during the many years she had worked along side him here at Hogwarts. Her thoughts of not knowing who was to be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts took the witch away from any hope of getting those lessons done. It bothered her to no end that even as the Deputy Headmistress, she still had no clue as to who would be teaching. Then again, that probably meant that Albus was still working on finding someone.

Since all hope of trying to finish lesson plans seemed to have vanished hours ago, Minerva pulled out the latest copy of Transfiguration Today. At least she’d be able to concentrate on keeping up on the latest theories. She even had some of her own, but Minerva wasn’t willing to write to the publishers just yet. Perhaps in a few years time she would. Until then, reading what others thought about her favorite subject would work just fine
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