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Attention: Since this all takes place during (behind, under, betwixt) the canon of PoA, a helpful link for you:

It's a day-by-day calendar of the events of the book. I expect you to be roughly accomodating. For example, some time in the last week Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban, and Remus Lupin has been offered the job as Defense professor at Hogwarts. If this is the sort of thing about which your characters might care, it'd be dandy to react or something.

That is all.

Ooh, P.S. I know the game does not technically start until September first, but posts before that are highly encouraged because they make Kirby happy. You want to make Kirby happy, don't you? Oh, you know you do.

P.P.S. Possibly, I'll keep a running tab of canon events on the main community board, if someone asks me really, really nicely. Just, y'know, to make it easier.

When it'll start

The RPG will start officially in late August, 2006. I want to wait until the timeline makes sense., the last thing I need right now is another distraction from my homework. *cough*

But! I am going to start looking for players. Not actually decide on anyone yet, just... start ogling. Greasing people up, practicing my groveling, and all that good stuff.

Audition Page

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The Audition Passage should be between 300 and 650 words, roughly. If you can't prove to us that you rock in one page, or if you can't get a few paragraphs to show us what you've got... we're not wasting our time.

Once received, Auditions will be posted on the main community journal.