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Trelawney Audition

Status: ACCEPTED, vehsarra.

Your Name: Aliaras (yes, I'm paranoid!)

Character Name: Professor Sibyll Trelawney

E-mail:, but I never check it.

Aim: Ummm...well...the only one I have is for RL friends only...which means if you know me, you know it, if you don't, I can't tell you, sorry. It was the condition of my acquiring its use. Parents and all.

Character LiveJournal: Vehsarra, this one.

Any Writing/Role-playing Experience: I wrote much stargate fanfic. Not all of it got finished. Am working on a novel now, but...well...such things do not finish themselves, unfortunately. As for roleplaying, lots of diddling around on World of Warcraft (forums and ingame), some SG-1 RP, some random forums stuff, Greyscale World.

Sex: Female

Subject taught/: Divination

Special Qualifications: Occasionally is known to make an accurate prophecy. This of course is very, very rare - the guesses are more likely.

Birth Date: 1951

Parentage: One muggle and one witch.

Pets: None. They would doubtless disturb the space in which she lives, clouding the Inner Eye by distracting her with mundane considerations.

Sexual Orientation: Straight, for the most part. She will obey the Fates in this, as everything.

Back Story: Even as a young child, Sibyll knew she was to be a Seer. Her mother told her it, loudly and often. After all, she had forseen it in the crystal ball, and wasn't one of her grandmothers quite famous? The Inner Eye had been known to be hereditary. Her father humored her, not really understanding that his wife was more than a charlatan fortune teller of the type to be found at faires. Still, Sibyll's teaching went uninterrupted. By the time she got the owl from Hogwarts, she knew some rudimentary palm-reading and tea leaves. She was quickly sorted into Ravenclaw, where she was largely viewed as "a decent sort, but...odd". Some believed, though, and she practiced her art on them. Her Inner Eye was sharper than ever before. Divination was, of course, her favorite subject...followed closely by Charms and Potions. Everything else was mere detail needed to pass to OWLs. Her grades were middling. She was bright, true...just not very applied. After graduation she sought work as a fortune-teller among the Muggles, like her mother had, before applying for a job as the Professor of Divination at Hogwarts. Something odd about that...Dumbledore was just saying she wasn't qualified, when the room spun for a moment...and he was shaking her hand, welcoming her to the post.

Talents: Singing, Making people think she knows what she's doing, Acting mystical, etc. Occasional fortune telling, too.

Hobbies: Mixing inscense, Quilting (where'd all those pillows come from, anyway?), Attempting to see more stuff.

Anything you'd like to add? Detention is too good for you.

Audition Passage: Sibyll squinted at the piece of parchment in the dim light. It held the names of this year's students, the ones she would attempt to instruct in the ways of the Sight. Of course, only one in a hundred ever amounted to anything, but she was sure they would try. Just in case, though, she had prepared a crystal ball to scry the year, as she always did. Breathing deeply, she settled into a kind of meditation. She focused hard on the ball, the mist within. There were shapes in there...but so indistinct...she made out a wheel - change, revolution, cycle coming around again...a shadowy figure...this could be any one of her students. The mist swirled as if parting for a bolt of something, and she knew...Harry Potter, this was Harry Potter.

Eagerly, she leaned forward and tried to See more. It was so clouded, so shadowy! The Fates were always indistinct, but this was worse than most. Perhaps that mundane woman, McGonagal, was at it again. She must complain to Dumbledore.

Her thoughts spiralled of in this direction, and the shapes were gone. She tried, oh yes she did, but only got a headache for her pains. Frustrated, she covered the ball again and turned to stare pensively at the fire.
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