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Flitwick Audtion

Status: PENDING, filius_charm

Your Name: Christie

Character Name: Filius Flitwick


Aim: rvnclwbutterfly

Character LiveJournal: filius_charm

Any Writing/Role-playing Experience: I have played for almost two years in Harry Potter Communities. I am listing the characters I currently play as I've been in games that have died and have just moved those characters to new games. Cho, Kevin, Myrtle, and Flitwick at hogwart_life, Romilda Vane at thedarkertruth, Hannah Abbott at fiery_inception. And on GJ: Molly Weasley at Initium Denuo, Kevin Dennahae at After Hogwarts, and Blaise Zabini, Cho Chang and Albus Dumbledore at Choosing Sides (I am a mod for this game.) I also write ficletts for the community books_freckles.

Sex: male

Subject taught: Charms

Special Qualifications: Taught at Hogwarts when Tom Riddle was a student.

Birth Date: 1896

Parentage: Father's a wizard, Mother's a dwarf

Pets: Several types of faries

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (though he's never thinks about it anymore)

Back Story: Filius grew up in the dwarf community with occassional visits from his father over the years. He was always aware of his magical background and because dwarfs aren't bound around Muggles all that much he was able to gain a bit of knowledge before being accepted into Hogwarts in 1908. His time at Hogwarts was uneventful, though he was a memeber of the Dueling Club. Being a Ravenclaw he earned nothing below an A (ugh, Care of Magical Creatures) in any of his coursework. He is one of the few students in the history of the school to earn straight O's in Charms for the entire seven year stint. After graduating in 1915, Filius joined a local Dueling Club and traveled the world competing. While he won most of his regional tournaments, he never ranked any higher in the world standings than second. After ten years on the circuit he decided to move on to something else. He spent a few years working a low level position within the Ministry before noting an opening at Hogwarts for a Charms teacher. He interviewed with Headmaster Dippet in 1939 and was granted the position.
Filius quickly came to love his students, even an often hard to understand Tom Ridde. His drive to do what is best for all students granted him the position of Ravenclaw Head of House in the early 1970's.

Talents: Rarely loses a dueling match

Hobbies: Decorating with his faries, enjoying fine food (particularly cherry Muggle soda), and reading for pleasure

Anything you'd like to add? Detention is too good for you! (I was gonna add a little bit of silliness, but didn't know if you'd enjoy that or not)

Audition Passage:
Filius took time each summer to return to his childhood home and teach dueling camps during the summer. In his early years at Hogwarts he had judged dueling tournaments and often spoke at various seminars. Yet, as he aged, he simply enjoyed the serenity of the village. His camps usually consisted of young dwarfs who, had they been wizards, would have been in their fourth year or higher at Hogwarts. Yes, he enjoyed the youngsters, but they were nothing like his students. While they could master some basic magic and usually without a wand, they would never be as highly achieved as his average Hogwarts student.

This evening though, having just held the closing duel for his last camp session, Filius was enjoying a nice evening sitting on the front porch enjoying the crisp clean air. While he enjoyed the down time, he missed his co-workers, his friends. Albus was his favorite wizarding chess opponent as he alway thought each move through so carefully. And Minerva's sense of humor, if the students knew how truely funny she was they would see a completely different side of her. It amazed him how much Severus had changed since his years as a student and he was glad he could call the man his friend. And the hours he spent reviewing his recent reads with Irma were always interesting.

His mind continued to run through memories he'd made over the years including staff memeber from the past. By the time his thoughts traveled back around to the present time, the stars were well into the sky. With a sigh, he stood slowly turning to walk into the house. He knew he needed to get a good night's sleep. He had to start packing up tomorrow as it wouldn't be much longer before he was summoned to Hogwarts for the start of term staff meetings.
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