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Rules Page

1. Have a decent audition. Please.
2. The voting staff is ineffable, infallible, and omniscient. Please don't refute their decision.
3. In the audition form, it will ask you if there is anything you would like to add. So we know you read the rules, write "Detention is too good for you."
4. Make sure your audition sticks to the current plot of the rpg as much as possible.
5. No cross-overs, no students, no anything. Just teachers. Really.
6. Read the books, and be familiar with the information therein. If you're saying something that directly conflicts with canon, we'll have to stone you.
7. Please make your audition between 300 and 650 words.
8. All auditions MUST fit into ONE post. Everything put into a second post will be ignored.

1. Post no less than once a week, and no more than once a day. For too little, you get two warnings. For too much, you get group glares.
2. Stick to the plot of canon as much as possible. The game is set during a book with quite a bit of teacher involvement (PoA), and there are certain things you have to keep up with.
3. If you Mary-Sue a teacher, you are a disgusting human being and we will stone you. With very heavy stones.
4. The main community board is for main community business. Role-playing will all be done in personal journals, and ooc announcements will all be done on the comm page. If you spam either one, we will glare some more.
5. Ask permission before manipulating someone else's character.
6. The entire comm is allowed to vote anyone off the island at any time. However, it must be a unanimous vote, and for a damn good reason.
7. If at any point you find you are unable to keep up with posting for real-life reasons, you may go on hiatus for three weeks. Any more, and your character will be put back up for audition.
8. Constructive criticism is encouraged and welcomed. Rudeness is good cause for dismissal. Know the difference.

The mods reserve the right to add and modify the rules as is seen fit. Keep this page handy.
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